NYT Spelling Bee Answer & Solution for September 09th, 2023

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The New York Times Spelling Bee is a popular puzzle that tests your spelling skills. Every day, a new puzzle is released, and players have to spell all the words in the puzzle.

Today’s Pangram is COMPANION

Here are the answers and solutions to the NYT Spelling Bee Official :

As Always Today, we’ll delve into a fascinating assortment of words commonly encountered in spelling bee competitions. we’ll explore their meanings and provide examples to help you understand them better. So, put on your thinking cap as we dive into the world of spelling bee answers!

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Ammo is short for ammunition, which refers to bullets, shells, or other projectiles used in firearms or military weapons.
Anon is an abbreviation for anonymous, which means unidentified or unknown. It is often used in online platforms when someone wants to remain anonymous.
Camo is short for camouflage, a pattern or coloration that helps an object blend into its surroundings. It is commonly used in military clothing or hunting gear.
Capo is a term used in music to refer to a device that can be placed on a guitar neck to change the pitch of the strings. It allows guitarists to play in different keys without changing their finger positions.
Ciao is an Italian word that is commonly used as a casual greeting or farewell. It is equivalent to saying “hello” or “goodbye” in English.
Coca can refer to the coca plant, which is native to South America and is the source of cocaine. It can also refer to Coca-Cola, a popular carbonated beverage.
Coin refers to a small, flat, round piece of metal that is used as a medium of exchange. It is typically used as currency to buy goods or services.
Coma is a medical term that refers to a state of deep unconsciousness from which a person cannot be awakened. It can be caused by severe injury, illness, or medical conditions.
Comp is short for complimentary or complimentary tickets. It refers to something that is given for free, often as a reward or as a gesture of goodwill.
Coop is short for chicken coop, which is a small enclosed area where chickens are kept. It can also refer to a cooperative, which is an organization or business owned and operated by a group of individuals.
Icon refers to a symbol or representation that is widely recognized and respected. It can be a person, an object, or a concept that is considered a symbol of something significant.
Moan is a verb that means to make a low, prolonged sound expressing pain, discomfort, or pleasure. It can also refer to a sound that is considered annoying or unpleasant.
Mono is short for mononucleosis, a viral infection commonly known as the “kissing disease.” It is characterized by symptoms such as fever, sore throat, and fatigue.
Moon refers to Earth’s natural satellite, which orbits around our planet. It is visible in the night sky and has phases, ranging from a full moon to a new moon.
Noon refers to the middle of the day when the sun is at its highest point in the sky. It is commonly used to indicate a specific time, such as 12:00 p.m.
Pomp refers to a display of grandeur, splendor, or ceremony. It is often associated with formal events, such as graduations or royal ceremonies.
Poop is a colloquial term for feces or solid waste material excreted from the body. It is a natural bodily function and is often used informally in everyday conversation.


Amino refers to amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins. They are essential for various biological processes and are obtained through diet or supplements.
Amnio is short for amniocentesis, a medical procedure in which a small sample of amniotic fluid is taken from the uterus of a pregnant woman. It is used to test for genetic disorders or abnormalities in the developing fetus.
An anion refers to a negatively charged ion, meaning it has gained one or more electrons.
Cacao refers to the tropical tree from which cocoa beans are obtained. It is widely used in the production of chocolate.
Campo is an Italian word that translates to “countryside” in English. It usually refers to rural areas or open spaces.
Canon has multiple meanings, but in general, it refers to a set of rules, principles, or standards. It can also refer to a religious or literary work that is considered authoritative or accepted as genuine.
A capon is a type of domesticated male chicken that has been castrated to improve the quality of its meat.
Cocci is the plural form of coccus, which refers to a spherical-shaped bacterium. It is commonly used in microbiology to describe certain types of bacteria.
Cocoa refers to the powder or solid form of the roasted seeds of the cacao tree. It is used as an ingredient in various food and beverage products, particularly chocolate.
Comic refers to something that is humorous, funny, or related to comedy. It can also refer to a person who creates or performs comedy acts, such as a comedian.
A comma is a punctuation mark (,) used to indicate a pause, separate items in a list, or clarify the structure of a sentence.
Conic refers to anything related to a cone shape or conic section. In mathematics, it refers to the curves formed when a plane intersects with a cone.
Ionic refers to something related to ions or the transfer of electrons. It can also refer to a style of architecture characterized by classical elements, such as columns and pediments.
Momma is an informal or affectionate term for mother. It is often used in familiar or casual conversations.
An onion is a bulbous vegetable with layers of fleshy leaves. It is widely used in cooking to add flavor to various dishes.
Piano refers to a musical instrument with a keyboard that produces sound by striking strings with hammers. It is commonly used in classical and contemporary music.
Poppa is an informal term for father or dad. It is often used in familiar or affectionate contexts.


A cannon refers to a large, heavy artillery weapon that fires projectiles. It can also refer to a loud, booming sound, resembling the noise made by a cannon.
A cocoon is a protective covering spun by certain insects, such as butterflies and moths, during their developmental stages. It serves as a shelter for the transformation from larvae to the adult form.
Common refers to something that is widely or generally known, seen, or understood. It can also describe something that is ordinary or frequently occurring.
Iconic refers to something that is widely recognized, symbolic, or representative of a particular person, place, or thing. It often carries a strong cultural or historical significance.
Mammon refers to the pursuit of wealth and material possessions, often at the expense of spiritual or moral values.
A minion is a loyal and obedient follower or servant, often used to describe someone who unquestioningly carries out the orders of a more powerful individual.
Noncom is a short form for noncommissioned officer, a rank in the military that denotes someone who holds a position of authority but is not a commissioned officer.
Pinion can refer to either the outer part of a bird’s wing used for flight or to bind or restrain someone’s arms.
A pompom is a decorative ball or tuft of fabric or other materials, often used in cheerleading or as an accessory on clothing or accessories.


Ammonia is a colorless gas with a strong, pungent odor, commonly used as a cleaning agent or in the production of fertilizers and other chemicals.
Anionic refers to a substance or molecule that carries a negative charge, often used to describe certain types of chemical compounds or ions.
Canonic refers to something that is recognized or accepted as being authentic, authoritative, or in accordance with established principles or rules.
Canopic refers to the ancient Egyptian practice of preserving organs in four separate jars, called canopic jars, during the mummification process.
An opinion is a personal belief or judgment about something, often based on individual thoughts, feelings, or experiences rather than on objective facts.
Pompano is a type of fish found in warm waters, known for its delicate flavor and firm texture.


Cinnamon is a spice derived from the bark of certain trees, commonly used in cooking and baking to add warm, sweet flavors.
Cioppino is a type of Italian-American seafood stew, typically made with a variety of fish and shellfish in a tomato-based broth.


COMPANION: (Pangram)
A companion is a person or thing that accompanies or is closely associated with another, often providing support, friendship, or assistance.
Monomania refers to an excessive or obsessive preoccupation with a single idea, subject, or pursuit.
Poinciana is a type of flowering tree known for its vibrant red or orange blossoms, commonly found in tropical and subtropical regions.


A monomaniac is someone who is excessively or obsessively focused on a single idea, subject, or pursuit to the exclusion of other interests or considerations.
A nincompoop is a humorous term used to describe someone who is foolish, silly, or lacking in common sense.

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