Today’s NYT Spelling Bee Hints

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~NYT Spelling Bee Hints (Updated)~


  • Words: 53
  • Points: 210
  • Pangram: 2 (1 Perfect)
  • Bingo: Yes


  • 4 letter words: 25
  • 5 letter words: 9
  • 6 letter words: 11
  • 7 letter words: 4
  • 8 letter words: 4

First Letters

First Two-Letters

Pangram First Letters

Pangram Synonyms

NYT Spelling Bee Clues

This page offers helpful hints for solving today’s New York Times Spelling Bee Puzzle. Get the daily hints from the column and get some help from the #Hivemind community in the comments.

The game rewards four points for a four-letter word, nine points for a nine-letter word, and seven bonus points for a pangram. Six letters form a honeycomb pattern around one central letter.

Longer words earn one point per letter, so a six-letter word is worth six points. Answers and solutions for the NYT Spelling Bee Puzzle can be found at New York Spelling Bee.

NYT Spelling Bee Hints Explained

The New York Times Spelling Bee is a word game distributed in print and electronic format by The New York Times. The object of the game is to make as many words as possible from a set of seven letters.

Players can use letters more than once, which means they can create words that are longer than seven letters.

To help players solve the puzzle, the NYT provides basic customizable hints, such as clarifying the numbers across the top (never less than four) represent the number of letters in a word, and the letters on the left are what they are looking for in each word.

Additionally, players can use the shuffle feature to rearrange the letters and delete letters from their guesses if needed. By watching videos and using these hints, players can get the answers for the NYT puzzle and increase their chances of solving it successfully.