NYT Spelling Bee Answer & Solution for October 04th, 2023

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The New York Times Spelling Bee is a popular puzzle that tests your spelling skills. Every day, a new puzzle is released, and players have to spell all the words in the puzzle.

Today’s Pangram is ARTHROPOD” & “HARDTOP(Perfect)

Here are the answers and solutions to the NYT Spelling Bee Official :

As Always Today, we’ll delve into a fascinating assortment of words commonly encountered in spelling bee competitions. we’ll explore their meanings and provide examples to help you understand them better. So, put on your thinking cap as we dive into the world of spelling bee answers!

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Atop means on top of or at the highest point of something. It refers to a position that is above or on the surface of something else.
Drop refers to the action of falling or letting something fall from a higher to a lower position. It can also be used to indicate a decrease in quantity or intensity.
A harp is a musical instrument that consists of a triangular frame with strings stretched across it. It is played by plucking the strings with fingers.
A hoop is a circular band or ring, often made of wood or metal. It can be used as a toy to roll or throw, or as a component of various sports or activities.
Opah is a type of fish that is known for its colorful appearance and delicious taste. It is often found in tropical and temperate waters.
Papa is an informal term used to refer to one’s father. It is a common way of addressing or talking about one’s dad in a loving or affectionate manner.
Part refers to a piece or portion of a whole. It can also mean a role or position that someone plays in a particular situation or group.
The path is a route or track that is followed or taken to reach a destination. It can be a physical trail or a metaphorical journey toward a goal or purpose.
Phat is a slang term used to describe something as cool, attractive, or impressive. It is often used in the context of music or fashion.
Pooh is a term used to represent the sound made by a person or animal when they express disgust or disdain. It is often used to indicate a feeling of disapproval or dislike.
Poop refers to the waste matter that is excreted from the body, especially from the bowels. It is a colloquial term for feces.
Poor refers to a state of lacking material wealth or resources. It can also describe someone who is in a disadvantaged or unfortunate situation.
Port can refer to a place where ships dock or where goods are loaded and unloaded. It can also mean a type of wine that is sweet and fortified.
Prat is a slang term used to describe someone who is foolish or stupid. It is often used in a playful or teasing manner.
Prod refers to the action of poking or pushing someone or something with a pointed object or one’s finger. It can also mean to encourage or prompt someone to take action.
A prop can refer to a support or object used in a performance or production, such as in theater or film. It can also mean to support or hold something in place.
Rapt means completely absorbed or engrossed in something. It describes a state of intense focus or concentration.
Tapa is a traditional Spanish dish consisting of small appetizers or snacks. It is often served with drinks and can include a variety of ingredients.
Tarp is short for tarpaulin, which is a waterproof sheet made of fabric or plastic. It is often used to cover or protect objects or surfaces from rain or other elements.
Trap can refer to a device or mechanism used to catch or confine animals. It can also mean a situation or circumstance that is difficult to escape or avoid.


Adapt refers to the ability to adjust or modify oneself or one’s behavior in response to new conditions or circumstances. It is the process of changing or evolving to fit a different environment or situation.
Adopt means to take something or someone as one’s own. It can refer to the act of legally taking on the responsibility for a child or pet, or it can mean accepting or embracing a new idea, practice, or belief.
Apart means to be separated or away from something or someone. It denotes a sense of distance or detachment.
Droop refers to the act of hanging or bending downwards or sagging. It is often used to describe the wilting or sagging of plants or the downward drooping of someone’s posture.
Photo is short for photograph, which is an image captured using a camera. It can be a physical print or a digital image.
Poppa is a colloquial term for father or dad. It is often used in an affectionate or familiar way.
Troop typically refers to a group or unit of soldiers or military personnel. It can also be used more broadly to describe a group of people or animals that move or act together.


Hotpot is a type of cooking method where a communal pot of simmering broth is placed at the center of the dining table, and diners cook their own ingredients in the broth.
A parrot is a colorful and intelligent bird known for its ability to mimic sounds and human speech. It is often kept as a pet.
Potato is a starchy root vegetable that is a staple in many cuisines around the world. It can be cooked in various ways such as boiling, baking, frying, or mashing.
Raptor is a term used to describe birds of prey such as eagles, hawks, falcons, and owls. They are known for their sharp beaks and talons, as well as their hunting and feeding habits.
Torpor refers to a state of reduced activity or lethargy. It is commonly observed in animals during periods of hibernation or inactivity.


An adaptor is a device used to connect or convert one type of electrical plug or socket to another, enabling compatibility between different power sources.
Apparat is a term used to describe a bureaucratic or administrative system, especially in a political context. It can refer to the machinery of government or a complex organization.
HARDTOP: (Perfect)
Hardtop refers to a type of automobile body style with a fixed roof that is not retractable or removable. It is often used to describe cars with a sleek and solid roof.
Parador is a term used in Spain to describe luxury hotels often located in historic buildings such as castles, monasteries, or palaces.
Paratha is a type of Indian flatbread made from whole wheat dough that is rolled out and cooked on a griddle with oil or ghee. It is a popular breakfast or snack item.
Pharaoh was the title given to the ancient Egyptian rulers. They were considered divine and had absolute power over the kingdom.
Rapport refers to a harmonious and empathetic connection or understanding between people. It denotes a positive and comfortable interpersonal relationship.
A rattrap is a device used to catch or trap rats or other small rodents. It typically consists of a spring-loaded mechanism that snaps shut when triggered by the animal.
Taproot is the main central root of a plant that grows vertically downward. It provides stability and absorbs nutrients from the soil.


Paradrop is a military operation where personnel or supplies are air-dropped from aircraft using parachutes. It allows for rapid deployment or resupply in remote or inaccessible areas.
A trapdoor is a hinged or sliding door that covers an opening in a floor or ceiling. It can be lifted or slid aside to provide access or closed to conceal the opening.


ARTHROPOD: (Pangram)
Arthropod is a phylum of invertebrate animals that includes insects, spiders, crustaceans, and other joint-legged creatures. They have segmented bodies and exoskeletons.
Paratroop refers to a soldier or unit trained in parachuting and air assault operations. They are specialized in airborne military maneuvers and are often deployed by parachute from aircraft.

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