NYT Spelling Bee Answer & Solution for October 12th, 2023

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The New York Times Spelling Bee is a popular puzzle that tests your spelling skills. Every day, a new puzzle is released, and players have to spell all the words in the puzzle.

Today’s Pangram is FAMILIARLY

Here are the answers and solutions to the NYT Spelling Bee Official :

As Always Today, we’ll delve into a fascinating assortment of words commonly encountered in spelling bee competitions. we’ll explore their meanings and provide examples to help you understand them better. So, put on your thinking cap as we dive into the world of spelling bee answers!

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Describing something as airy means it is light, breezy, or well-ventilated. It can also refer to a quality of being fanciful or dreamlike.
An ally is someone who supports or helps another person or group. It can also refer to a country or organization that cooperates with another in a common goal.
Amyl is a term used to describe a type of organic compound called amyl alcohol. It is commonly found in alcoholic beverages and has a distinct fruity aroma.
An army is a large organized military force that is trained and equipped to engage in warfare. It is typically commanded by a general and consists of soldiers from various branches.
To flay means to strip off the skin or outer covering of something, especially forcefully or violently. It can also be used metaphorically to describe severe criticism or verbal attack.
A fray can refer to a noisy or disorderly fight or brawl. It can also describe the unraveling or fraying of fabric, or the state of being worn or tattered.
If something is described as iffy, it means it is uncertain, unreliable, or doubtful. It can also refer to a situation that is risky or unpredictable.
Illy is an old-fashioned term that means badly or poorly. It can be used to describe something that is done in an inept or unsatisfactory manner.
A lily is a type of flowering plant that is known for its showy and often fragrant blossoms. It is a symbol of purity, beauty, and rebirth in many cultures.


To allay means to calm, soothe, or alleviate something, such as fears, doubts, or concerns. It can also refer to reducing or easing the intensity of something, such as pain or hunger.
An array is a collection or arrangement of things in a particular order or pattern. It can also refer to a display or exhibition of objects, such as an array of artwork or merchandise.
A fairy is a mythical creature often depicted as small, magical, and having wings. They are associated with enchantment, imagination, and granting wishes.
A filly is a young female horse, typically under the age of four. It is the female counterpart to a colt.
Filmy describes something that is thin, delicate, or translucent, often having a filmy or gauzy texture. It can also refer to something that is covered in a thin layer of film or residue.
Marry is a verb that refers to the act of joining two people in matrimony. It is a sacred bond between two individuals who vow to spend their lives together.
Rally can be used as a noun or a verb. As a noun, it refers to a gathering or a meeting to support a cause or show unity. As a verb, it means to come together for a common purpose or to recover strength or spirits.
Riyal is the currency of several countries in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia and Qatar. It is often used as a unit of currency in international trade.


Affray is a noun that refers to a noisy disturbance or public brawl. It typically involves multiple people and can cause fear or alarm to others in the vicinity.
Airily is an adverb that describes something done in a light, carefree, or casual manner. It often implies a lack of seriousness or concern.
Fairly is an adverb that means in a just or equitable way. It can also mean to a moderate extent, without exaggeration or bias.
Family refers to a group of people who are related by blood or marriage. It includes parents, siblings, and children, as well as extended relatives such as aunts, uncles, and cousins.
Firmly is an adverb that describes something done with strength, stability, or determination. It implies a strong and unwavering commitment or conviction.
Friary is a noun that refers to a residence or dwelling place for members of a religious order, particularly the Franciscans or the Dominicans.
Frilly is an adjective that describes something adorned with decorative or ornamental details, such as ruffles or lace. It often conveys a sense of femininity or extravagance.
Mayfly is a noun that refers to an insect belonging to the order Ephemeroptera. They are known for their short adult lifespan, typically lasting only a day or two.
Ramify is a verb that means to branch out or divide into multiple parts or branches. It often describes the process of something becoming more complex or intricate.


Mammary is an adjective that relates to the breasts or milk-producing glands in mammals. It specifically refers to the female mammary glands, which produce milk for nursing offspring.


Filially is an adverb that describes something done in a manner showing respect, love, or duty towards one’s parents or family. It implies a strong sense of loyalty and obedience.


Familiarly is an adverb that means in a friendly or informal manner. It implies a close or intimate relationship, often based on a long-standing acquaintance or familiarity.

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